Welcome to CEI – In The ‘Noke! I’m so glad you are here to focus on building our students’ language proficiency. Over the 2018 summer I saw how many teachers are grouping together in other regions of Virginia to strengthen their content delivery in their language classrooms. Their networks are so inspiring, and I want that for the Roanoke and New River valleys, too! Of course, all are welcome, no matter where you call home.

I will make this site a reliable resource for: literature on using proficiency/communication based teaching techniques, locally available trainings or PD opportunities, and a comprehensive list of the people or groups who I find inspiring. I will also share reviews of teaching books or student readers that I have read, and I will regularly give you an honest look at what we are doing in my room.

I’ve done a lot to teach myself, but that’s not enough: I need you to come with me! Let’s change the way Southwest Virginia teaches language. Let’s work together to build up ourselves, our districts, and most importantly: our students!