I love to read a lot! I’ll post about all the books I’ve read and what I thought about them here. If I have a link to where I found the book, I’ll share that in the review so you can get your own copy. I’ll sort my readings into two categories: Professional Development and Spanish Readers.

Professional Development will include anything I read that impacts how I teach. I’ll start with the books that I have which are aimed towards CEI, but as time goes on I’ll include my whole spectrum of teacher-related books. Have you read something amazing? Let me know what it is, I’m always on the lookout for new books.

Spanish Readers will be books that I intend to give to my 4th and 5th grade students. I will also include books that don’t make the cut into the classroom and I’ll be as specific as possible on why it’s not right for my room so you can decide if it will be right for yours. Not a Spanish teacher? I’m sorry! But, if I know that the book is published in multiple languages then I’ll be sure to include that. If you’d like to collaborate and create your own language readers page here then reach out!