Hello, I’m so glad you’ve found me. I am working as quickly as I can to get all of the information in my head onto this website. Please excuse its emptiness right now, in life and in thinking: unpacking the boxes is a long, slow process. So far, I have focused all of my attention on building the structure. The best part of that is how well it keeps me focused on the specific goals I have for this site right now. The down side is that there are tumbleweeds everywhere! Please trust that the good stuff is coming! For starters:

PD Book reviews: While We’re On The Topic by Bill VanPatten, and The Natural Approach To The Year by Tina Hargaden and Ben Slavic

Student Book reviews: This list is incredibly long and includes most of Fluency Matters level 1 readers, a wide range of both Mira Canion and Craig Klein Dexemple, and some other finds like Bart Quiere Un Gato and Ataques De Hambre. In total I have around 40 titles already in line to get uploaded.

Blogs: Fall FLAVA – what I saw, talked about, and learned, Professional Observation – my takeaways from observing Brett Chonko in his classroom, and Learning from BVP – a reflection on his talk at Roanoke College on 29 October.

Thank goodness it’s almost Thanksgiving break! I’ll make some of these promises realities as soon as my interim grades are posted.

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