EdCamp CI VA coming soon

EdCampCIVa is back for it’s fourth year, and better than ever! I am so excited to attend for my third time. This year will be a little different from the past three years because it is now a(n optionally) two-day event. On Tuesday, June 23 there will be a paid training from Elevate Consulting. This $75 day is quite a deal for a day of culturally responsive teaching methods that is designed for novice and advanced CI teachers. Plus, if you plan on going to their three-day training in DC the following week, they will apply a $50 credit to that registration for attending this event!

Whether or not you attend on Tuesday, put Wednesday on your calendar now! This is a completely free event that you do not want to miss. If you have never been to EDCamp before, it’s an unconference. There is no preapproved session list, only a preset time schedule. When we meet in the morning, attendees can write down what they are willing to present on (if anything) and what they are most interested in learning about. Once all have had a chance to add their thoughts, the sessions are designed right there matching the available presenters to the needs of the other participants. Plus, space is provided for people to go and have more private conversations with colleagues who have more specific conversations. The Latin teachers really took ownership of that last year, and said they really loved having a place to just be, while still popping in and out of other sessions. It’s really that relaxed, while still being high quality training.

For more information please go to: EDCampCIVa’s website to learn about what they do and why they do it. And remember go here to sign up for one or both days of this year’s event. I hope to see you there!

Late notice: Free PD Alert!

Apparently, I am as behind on reading my email as I am in reaching my goals for this website. But there is still time to join the Ditch Summit this year! Go to www.ditchsummit.com to join in and get access to tons of PD videos. In addition to ten new videos for the 2019 summit, you also get access to all of the previous summit videos! I’ve seen them, and there are so many great videos to watch. Best of all, you get a certificate for an hour of PD for every video you watch. There are also Flipgrid conversations you can participate in, and downloadable notes that I love to use to follow along with the videos. It’s much handier to have the notes there so I can personalize them, rather than having to write everything out myself.

So, go now! Time is limited! Enjoy ten new videos all about managing teacher stress (the topic of the year) which is quite appropriate for this time of year. Enjoy!