Late notice: Free PD Alert!

Apparently, I am as behind on reading my email as I am in reaching my goals for this website. But there is still time to join the Ditch Summit this year! Go to to join in and get access to tons of PD videos. In addition to ten new videos for the 2019 summit, you also get access to all of the previous summit videos! I’ve seen them, and there are so many great videos to watch. Best of all, you get a certificate for an hour of PD for every video you watch. There are also Flipgrid conversations you can participate in, and downloadable notes that I love to use to follow along with the videos. It’s much handier to have the notes there so I can personalize them, rather than having to write everything out myself.

So, go now! Time is limited! Enjoy ten new videos all about managing teacher stress (the topic of the year) which is quite appropriate for this time of year. Enjoy!

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